There are many ways you can help make this website even more useful for everyone. Here are a few suggestions:

We would really appreciate if you can send us the names of Raags and which Thaats they belong to if you dont see them in the Music Database here.

You can send us some pictures of any Mehfil with legends of classical music and singing.

You can send us any anecdote or interesting titbits about music or when you first met one of the legends.

Sohail Rana has some very interesting stories about each of the songs he composed and also some very interesting insights in Noorjehan, Mehdi Hassan and Waheed Murad and we intend to showcase many of them here as we all learn so much from these master craftsmen in thier professions.

I remember when Sohail Rana told me about how he got Mala to sing Akelay na Jan )instead of Noorjehan) as he wanted the song to stand on it own merits as she was completely unknown at the time. 























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