Classical Indian Music

Indian classical music was nurtured by inspired souls during deep periods of contemplation and meditation.The Thaats invoke certain moods and are closely related to the time of day you play them.

It is as if the great masters were in harmony with nature and acutely sensitive to its rhythm to be able to feel the responsive notes within themselves.

It is not something learnt overight nor is it something which is meant to inhibit your creativity by making yiou floow rigid structures, but to make you aware of the mood, timing and ultimately the effect you want to create on the soul that it the Thaats and Raags are of immense value. We have collected many Raags and tried to explain which Thaats they belong to and which artists sang them in which film and who was the composer etc. to help you apprecite yoru favourite songs and melodies even more.

Learming Experience

We will make it very easy for you to apprecite the Thaat and Raags by giving yoiu many examples and also some tutorials as we go along.. Music is something you feel with your heart but if you understand even a little bit of its theory, you will apreciate its beauty even more..

Streaming Audio and Video

As we progress in our journey together, we will include streamign audio and some video clips from different movies to give you a true visual experience. It is amazing how a song like Akela na Jana transforms itself to a completely new dimension when you hear the great composer Sohail Rana's commentary on how he composed it and what was the inspiration behind it. It is delightful to hear his comments about Zeba and Waheed Murad who and the playback singers behinds the scenes.

Indian Classical Music and Western Classical Music

Indian classical music usually is based on the melody and not as much on chords. I nthe Western music you wil find a 120 piece orchestra and it is dificult to distinguish individual instruments. Indian classical music , on th eother hand, is simply based on compex Thaats and Raags rendered by one singer, a table player and an instrument or just the table and one key instrument which substitutes for the human voice.

There are ten Thaats or Modes as they refer to them in the West. These are patterns of whole nad half notes and the inervals remain constant. However, within these boundaries you can create thousands of Raags by skipping some notes or making a note shapr or flat. We will discuss this more as we go along and your feedback as to which topics are most interesting to you is welcome.

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